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CULTUREELS Ethnographic Film Collective, is a project started by anthropology students. Our goal is to share anthropology with the world outside of academia. Our collective started in 2019 as an ethnographic film festival. In 2023 we will continue bringing people together by organising events throughout the year. Our purpose is to create a space for discussion and to explore - through visual methods -  the multifaceted possibilities of social and cultural anthropology.

Anthropology is a lesser-known field in Finland, so we wish to share some of the questions and possibilities of this field to a larger audience. By focusing on ethnographic films, our aim is to provide perspectives for current discussions in Finnish society. As organizers, we are committed to reinforcing our values of inclusiveness, diversity, and transparency. We want to serve as a platform for connecting filmmakers and audiences. 

What is anthropology and ethnographic documentary?


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