Student day



Wednesday 10th of April, 4pm.-- 8pm.

Location: Unioninkatu 35, auditorium 116





16:00 Measuring Difference

Director: Pip Hare

69 min


At times absurd, amusing, and serious, Measuring Difference documents an anthropological fieldwork excursion in Nangbah village, Northeast India. 25 Indian student from the predominantly tribal Northeast region observe the village and its residents; observed themselves by their European filmmaking classmate.

The filmmaker questions anthropology as a science of difference that reinforces categorisations: race, religion, 'nativeness'. Her questions reveal as much about her own background as that of her fellow students. Observational footage, photographs, candid conversations and retrospective interviews record and reflect upon ambivalent and intimate encounters.


17:25 Beyond

Director: Magdalena Reichinger

47 min


Would you travel to Mars if that meant leaving Earth forever? For some, the one-way flight to another planet may seem intimidating - for others it's a lifelong dream.Mars One is an organization from the Netherlands with the aim of colonizing the planet Mars latest by 2027. In total, more than 200,000 people from all over the world applied for the mission. Elaheh Nouri from Iran and Günther Golob from Austria have made it into the shortlist and are preparing for their one-way trip to Mars.BEYOND tells of the motivations of the two finalists, but also of their dreams and fears. Experts express their opinion of a potential Mars colonization. More than all, it's a film about the essential question of what being human beyond Earth could mean.BEYOND was created as a student project at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology, Göttingen.


18:25 Kahan Ka Raasta

(At the Crossroads)


Director: Savyasachi Anju Prabir

48 min



Nestled in the Himalayan range of Uttarakhand in India, Kalap may soon have a motorable road. Till then the village continues to be 10 kilometers uphill on foot from the nearest road. The film delves into the lives of the people of Kalap, who for generations have been negotiating their own path for sustainable living. With increasingly easy access to the world beyond, will there be a gradual shift in social and cultural values across generations? Kahan Ka Raasta is an immersive journey, in time and space, into the everyday reality of Kalap. It transpires at the pace of the village life, to unveil its many facets.


19:15 Who Cares About Caring?

Director: Amaranta Heredia Jaén

26 min


Nothern Greece, summer 2016. The self-organized group Prosvasimotita visits Posidi, a camping site by the beach, like they do every year. Prosvasimotita is a grassroots disability group based in Thessaloniki. They are fellow activists on vacation, enacting in their daily practice the type of society they aim to build. This documentary is about caring, how care makes us family, and how the filmmaker can be part of that process. Disability is not used as a metaphor, but as a tool to re-think normativity and vulnerability, and to create more inclusive communities. In a society where we are constantly expected to be independent, this project advocates for autonomy and interdependency, trust and intimacy. (MA Thesis for the Visual Anthropology program at Tallinn University, Estonia. Tallinn, 2017)


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