Sanansaattaja (2013)

A Gesar Bard's Tale


Director: Donagh Coleman Lharigtso

Production: Jouko Aaltonen, Venla Hellstedt, Illume Oy

Language: Tibet

Subtitles: English

Sanansaattaja (A Gesar Bard's Tale) is telling an unbelievable story of a Tibetan rune singer inspired by gods. Dawa was an illiterate nomad boy on the east-Tibetan steppes. When he was 13 years old, his life as a yakherder was turned upside down: characters from an ancient epoch of King Gesar appeared to Dawa in visions, and gave him the gift of rune singing. Thousands of ancient verses from the epoch began to burst out from an illiterate boy, who became one of the most known Tibetan Gesar-rune singers. The exceptional gift of Dawa got also the attention of the Chinese official. Dawa was declared as a person of cultural heritage, and he was relocated from the nomad steppes to a cultural bureau, where he is recording and writing down the huge epoch.  

The film is presenting us a Tibet in the state of political ferment, where old believes and traditions are fighting for existence under the pressure of modernization and global monoculturalism. Dawa’s intriguing story is told from his point of view where everything appears in the light of Tibet’s ancient myths and religion. 

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