Huuto Tuuleen (2007)

A Shout into the Wind


Director: Katja Gauriloff

Language: Sámi, Finnish

Subtitles: English

Production: Oktober Oy


The future of a whole culture lays on the shoulders of a small group. The film follows their fight against the modern threats to conserve their Skolt Sámi traditions and keep their home village alive.


Documentary  “A Shout into the Wind” is the debut film from Katja Gauriloff, Skolt Sámi herself. It tells a story of the contemporary times of Skolt Sami people where modern life and old traditions live side by side.


Veikko Feodoroff is the Skolt Sámi trustee who prefers to live straight from the nature, over the capitalistic money system. He speaks for his endangered ethnic group and sets off to seek help to carry out his nursing home project. On his journey he meets officials and politicians from every level, all the way up to the EU Parliament.


There lives only couple of youngsters in Sevettijärvi. One of them, Natalia, wants to bring back the joy of old times to their village community. With her humour and will, she throws a summer party on Sevetti’s dancehall, which had stand mouldering by itself for a long time. Natalia’s roots are deep in the wilderness, but she dreams of a life elsewhere. She is not going to leave alone.

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