(Dance of Outlaws)


Director: Mohamed El Aboudi

Production: Venla Hellstedt, Pertti VeijalainenIllume Oy             Finland and Norway

Language: Arabic

Subtitles: Finnish


only available to watch in Finland / katsottavissa vain Suomessa



In English:

The film does not have English subtitles

Dance of Outlaws is the story of unusual modern-day outlaws to whom the society doesn't give any possibility to earn a living in a respectable way, so they work as wedding dancers. They are Moroccan girls from poor families with little education; rape victims, abandoned child brides, daughters of prostitutes who have been struck out from the official family register and live on the dangerous fringes of the society.

Hind, 22, is the daughter of a drug dealer who became a dancer and prostitute after being raped and consequently kicked out of her home when she was 14. She lives with a drug addict, petty criminal boyfriend in a shack with no electricity, toilet, running water or proper windows. Officially Hind doesn’t exist; she cannot get her birth certificate and so she can’t apply for identification papers. Yet she is dreaming of a better future; marrying her boyfriend, getting back at least one of her children that she has had to give away, getting her papers and finding a job and a proper home. As she finally gets engaged, her boyfriend is arrested and sent to prison for twenty years. Soon after Bilal is sentenced, Hind realises she is pregnant with her third child.

Dance of Outlaws follows the lives of Hind and her friends - dancers in the same group, Leila and Ahlam for more than a year. In addition to financial insecurity and the constant threat of being arrested, they each live with their own struggles. Through the women's stories, we get a perspective of traditional Moroccan arranged marriages and the family power struggles.

Hind will be our guide into the reality of these women with no identity and no virginity in a society deeply rooted in patriarchal traditions. She is our window to the reality of life without identity and to the strife that anyone can relate to, of not losing one's dreams and aspirations even in the darkest moments.


Häätanssi kertoo naisesta, jota ei ole olemassa. Marokkolainen Hind raiskattiin teini-ikäisenä, joten häneltä kiellettiin virallinen henkilöllisyys. Ilman henkilöllisyystodistusta hänellä ei ole muuta mahdollisuutta kuin työskennellä prostituoituna ja perinteisenä häätanssijana. Häätanssi ei tuo hänelle juurikaan rahaa eikä kunnioitusta, mutta ei ole niin vaarallista kuin prostituutio. Hind yrittää saada takaisin elämänsä, lapsensa ja yksinkertaisesti oikeuden elää

tasa-arvoisena ihmisenä tällä vuosisadalla.