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CULTUREELS -working group 2022


Graphic Designer

Evans Chepkwony

Festival Trailer


Anni Sairio

Evans Chepkwony


Emil Sana

Thank you

Iina Holopainen,

Iisa Arvelin,

Liinu Nieminen,

Jenny Jaakkola


Fabio Rivera

for your help!

Brief Review to CULTUREELS  Ethnographic Film Festival's History

"CULTUREELS  The Ethnographic film festival, is a project started by anthropology students. Our goal is to share anthropology with the world outside of academia. Anthropology is a lesser-known field in Finland, so we wished to share some of the questions and possibilities of this field to a larger audience. The goal of the festival is to explore - through visual methods -  the multifaceted possibilities of social and cultural anthropology".

The above mentioned description of the goals of the Festival solidify the meaning and aims of Cultureels ry (3090351-6). The first CULTUREELS – Ethnographic film festival was organised in the spring of 2019. The working group took care of the financial and administrative matters via the Väki ry association. Following this first successful event, the working group decided to establish their own official association to oversee financial and administrative work, as well as to apply for funding.

Cultureels ry (3090351-6) was officially established on 30.09.2019. The first president was Annika Lepistö, the vice-president was Siiri Sandberg, and the treasurer was Laura Kippola.


Cultureels ry is the supportive organisation of the festival. Its main areas of focus are administrative and financial projects. The association prepares financial statements in accordance with the Finnish accounting standards, which are reviewed and approved at the annual meeting in October-December. At this yearly meeting, a new board is also elected. Everyone interested in the activities of the group is welcome to join.

In the second year of Cultureels ry, Peppi Pellosniemi was elected treasurer, with Annika Lepistö continuing as president, and Siiri Sandberg continuing as the vice-president. Iina Holopainen and Janne Vasarainen were chosen as deputy members. The remaining work is carried out by a team of student volunteers. The size and activities of this volunteer group have fluctuated throughout the years. In 2021, we welcomed student volunteers from outside our anthropology discipline! The group is now composed of students from social and cultural anthropology, cultural studies, economic and social history, as well as global development studies.

During this third year of Cultureels ry, the association has grown again. The president is currently Peppi Pellosniemi, the vice-president is Sofia Dano, the treasurer is Meri Teperi, and the secretary is Anni Rastas. The deputy members are Anna Hämäläinen, Minerva Aalto and Siiri Sandberg. We have a group of 14 volunteers who are helping to put together the third CULTUREELS – Ethnographic film festival. The board members are also part of the working groups.

Being a board member or a volunteer is an opportunity to get experiences from this field, as well as to expand your career skills. The organisation of the working groups, as well as their activities, is constantly being developed. At the moment, the working groups are divided into the following: program team, production team, and the communications and marketing team. Being part of the Cultureels group is fulfilling and inspiring, and also provides a sense of community and wellbeing. Anyone who is interested in our work is welcome to join the CULTUREELS working groups.

It has been inspiring to see our CULTUREELS working group grow and develop over the years, and work hard to create an exciting and powerful film festival.

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