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The festival has ended!

Thank you to all the spectators, filmmakers, panelists, and supporters that made the festival possible.

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Society is in a continuous state of change, as a playing field of power and resistance. In the media and in public discussions, power and resistance are often portrayed as one-dimensional concepts. We understand these terms as being black-and-white, and we often overlook their complexities and nuances. A deeply researched ethnographic film begins to address some of these issues, by providing us with a critical perspective on global conflicts and hierarchies. For this festival programme, we sought out films which invite the viewer into the micro-universes of social and political power relations - into the very customs, worldviews, environments, and attitudes which embody both power and resistance.

Our goal is to showcase the diversity of power and resistance. They manifest in public activities, events, and performances, as well as in the private and intimate realms of the everyday. Not only do we aim to explore power and resistance, but we also want to introduce new ways of approaching these concepts. How do individuals experience and resist power? How do power and resistance structure societies and individuals? What are the synergies between power and resistance? Is power always a prerequisite of resistance, or can we create resistance without a power struggle?


With the help of our chosen ethnographic films, we are expanding understandings of what power and resistance look like, and how they are experienced and witnessed in our everyday lives. This ethnographic approach opens up new layers of understanding, and allows us to have proximity with these abstract concepts.


We have the honour of sharing with you 15 incredible ethnographic documentaries this year. These films explore topics of displacement, gender-based violence, indigenous rights, and environmental degradation, in addition to many more.


The CULTUREELS group welcomes you to join us in re-defining, contesting, and expanding what power and resistance are to all of us.







You can buy a single ticket (9/6 €) or packets for 3/6 screenings.
A single ticket is valid for one screening, but with the screening packets, you can choose any screening during the festival.


One screening can include more than one film.


Ticket for one screening  9 €

Discount group                      6 €

3 screening packet             20 €

6 screening packet             35 €

Screening at Kino Regina on Saturday 23rd of April is free of charge



CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival is a three-day event organized in Finland. By focusing on ethnographic films, the aim of our festival is to provide perspectives

for current discussions in Finnish society. The festival program also includes side activities complementing this year’s theme, such as interviews with the filmmakers and our collaborators.


As organizers, we are committed to reinforcing our values of inclusiveness, diversity, and transparency in every stage of the event. In line with our standards, CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival is a platform for ethnographic filmmakers with various backgrounds. CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival is a non-profit event organized by volunteers under the auspices of Cultureels ry.


CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival was held for the first time in 2019 at the Kino Engel Cinema in Helsinki. In 2021, the theme of the festival was ‘Change,' and the event was exceptionally held online.

The theme for the 2022 festival is “Power and Resistance," and the locations for this year's festival are film theatre Kino K13 and Kino Regina.

The festival follows the general hygiene requirements according to the rules of the City of Helsinki.



Kino K13 (Katajanokanlaituri 11 A, Katajanokka, Helsinki)  

See further information about the accessibility of the Kino K13 webpage.

Kino Regina (Töölönlahdenkatu 4, Keskuskirjasto Oodi)

See further information about the accessibility of the Kino Regina webpage.



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CULTUREELS  Ethnographic film festival came together from anthropology students’ passion for ethnographic documentaries. The aim of the festival is to bring academic anthropology into a more public space. In watching an ethnographic documentary, the viewer is invited to discover the multiplicity of societies and cultures and to gain new perspectives on both.

CULTUREELS  Ethnographic film festival seeks to partake in larger discussions through the tools of the audiovisual arts. In addition to minimising discrimination, understanding each others’ perspectives also gives us a deeper appreciation of different ways of life.

Who is organising this event?  


Ethnographic films are a genre of documentaries that utilizes the scientific methods and perspectives of anthropology. In turn, anthropology is a scientific discipline that takes a broad approach to understand the many different aspects of the human experience.

What is anthropology and ethnography?



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