The theme for CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival 2021 is CHANGE.

When the theme was chosen in early 2020, nobody knew what changes the year had yet to offer. As they say, the only thing that persists is change. Still, once again, it surprised everyone. 


There is a wide variety of change happening around us,

connected to many themes:

identity, roles, and gender,

agency, indigenous people and colonialism,

cultural heritage, climate change and culture,

as well as market economy and globalisation.

Welcome to see our festival online from 12th till 18th of April!

As the festival is online this year,

you are able to watch all the films at any point during the week.

All of the films are not available to watch everywhere as some of them are geoblocked and thus, some of the films are only available to watch in Finland.






Ticket for one screening  4 €

Festival Pass*           30 €

*Please note that the festival pass allows you to watch all the films of the festival, but some films are only available for watching in Finland.

CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival

is organised completely online this year.


The whole programme is available at Festhome TV webpage. All the films are there to watch for the festival week from the 12th to the 18th of April 2021. 


Tickets are available from the 29th of March at noon, two weeks before the festival starts. Tickets are sold at Festhome TV webpage, and there is only a limited amount of tickets. For making the purchasing transaction easier, we recommend buying the tickets via computer and not via mobile devices.

More information:



Ethnographic films are a genre of documentaries

that utilizes the scientific methods and perspectives of anthropology. In turn, anthropology is a scientific discipline that takes a broad approach to understand the many different aspects

of the human experience. If you want to know more about anthropology, check our blog.


For the wider public, the ethnographic documentaries provide access to the knowledge and cultural understanding of phenomena beyond their own sphere of experience. Our goal is to provide a counterbalancing action against the voices of populism and the conformations rising from traditional and social media.

CULTUREELS – The Ethnographic Film Festival is organized by volunteers enthusiastic about anthropology.


Anthropology as an academic discipline and expertise is yet quite unknown in Finland. As organizers, our aim is to make anthropology better known also for audiences outside the Academy. Therefore, we are publishing anthropological Bachelor's and Master's theses on our blog.


We believe that a deep understanding of phenomena, context and social relations works as a valuable instrument to reinforce equality and mutual understanding in a changing world.


Our CULTUREELS team welcomes everyone to join the discussion!


Visual Designer

Justus Arvelin


Animation Designer

Anni Sairio


Emil Sana

Thank you 

Laura Kippola,

Petra Niskanen,

Iina Holopainen,

Maiju Laukkanen and

Hussain Kazemian

for your help!





CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival is

a week-long  event organized in Finland.

By focusing on ethnographic films, the aim

of our festival is to provide perspectives

for current discussions in Finnish society.

The festival program also includes side activities complementing this year’s theme, such as interviews

with the filmmakers and our collaborators.


As organizers, we are committed to reinforcing our values of inclusiveness, diversity and transparency in every stage of the event. In line with our standards, CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival is a platform for ethnographic filmmakers with various backgrounds. 


CULTUREELS – The Ethnographic Film Festival was held for the first time in 2019 at Cinema Kino Engel in Helsinki.

In 2021, the theme of the festival is CHANGE 

and it will be held online.



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